What is PoshDeux?

PoshDeux is an annual event that showcases creativity and collaborates with some of the most prestigious and aspiring artists in the fashion, hair and makeup industry. PoshDeux takes pride in bringing Luxury and Elegance to Historic, Art Deco and Hidden Gem venues in the heart of Detroit. Our goal is to be the most anticipated production bringing awareness to the love of art found in fashion and beauty.

The POSHDEUX team strategically interviews and selects the best artists/participants to showcase their craft on our stage. We attend local events throughout Metro Detroit, search social media platforms, and obtain professional referrals to identify top notch talent who can deliver exceptional, mind-blowing artistry!

What has PoshDeux accomplished and what’s in it for me? 

PoshDeux has accomplished exactly what we set out to do – to bring attention to professionals who are passionate about what they do in the Midwest and Metro Detroit beauty and fashion industry in a posh manner.

·      We Create OPPORTUNITIES! All Fashion Designers, Hair Designers, Makeup Artist, Models, Photographers, Videographers, Wardrobe Stylist, Caterers, volunteers and participants have the opportunity to network and gain exposure to prominent industry professionals to further their careers and brand recognition.

·       Participants surveyed state their involvement in POSHDEUX has increased their revenue and exposure by at least 40% or more.

·       All main stage presenters have a profile on our website that gives a short bio and advertisement in their craft

·       All presenters involved are exclusively selected and invited to our PoshDeux VIP meet and greet with the press and blogs (individuals of high influence in the industry are strategically invited and confirmed by our PR management team)

·       We promote all presenters on all forms of social media outlets

·       At PoshDeux we continue to get offers to present our craft in and out of state events where we continue to collaborate with our presenters throughout the year.

·       We have been able to bridge the gap in the beauty and fashion industry with bringing a diverse platform of artists and audience of all nationalities.

·       We donate and bring awareness to charities in the metro Detroit area with collaborative efforts from our artist and guest through donations and ticket sales.

·       We’ve successfully seated every venue to its capacity every year.

What you can expect at the show?

We feature a production of Art in hair, fashion, and makeup displayed on models with an Avant-garde approach.  Vendors from leading independent brands are present to sell and display their products before, during and after the show. A cash bar with our signature “posh” drink and other creative cocktails sets the mood just right. Paired along with our strolling hors d’oeuvres provided by one of our partner chefs brings in the element of a courtly event. We Strive and Pride ourselves to bring the best of the best to our audience.

●      Hair Artist and or Salons feature a 10-minute presentation showcasing their inspiration on models based on our theme and inspiration for the show.

●      Fashion designers showcase their designs on 10+ models to grace the platform with their design vision.

●      Makeup artists showcase their skills on selected models to showcase their artwork collaborating with hair and fashion designers in the show.

●      By this being the most anticipated show of the year all artist and guest thrive to bring their A game in overall fashion, hair and makeup that night. Dress to Impress but still be the creative individual you are.

Is there a fee to be an Artist in the show?

There is a fee to all artists presenting in PoshDeux. As we are artists ourselves we understand the dedication and financial commitment when presenting your work. With that being said, we ask every artist to commit to sell 5 tickets. That’s it!

What is the incentive for selling tickets?

After your 5 ticket commitment has been satisfied you get a $10 return on each ticket you sell thereafter, which can help pay for some of the expenses occurred for your showcase. How awesome is that!

This sounds like this is the show for me!

Once you made a decision that this show is for me we just need you to reach out to us ASAP to get you going! You can contact use via email poshdeuxevent@gmail.com or by a phone call 248-871-7674. We will then move quickly to the next step!