Design Essentials

Design Essentials offers a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs. Design Essential  provides you with effective, professional-quality products that you can depend on to cleanse, condition, nourish, revitalize and restore your hair to its natural beauty. Our partner is in style, and like a partner our products are designed to work with you to achieve styling success.  For more information, please visit


The Wax Witch

Strip & Rip Waxing Studio offers discreet and professional waxing services for EVERY body. We particularly specialize, (well excel) in intimate waxing for both males and females. Strip & Rip Wax Studio operates on appointments only affording all clients a private waxing experience, conveniently located within a tastefully appointed, professional office environment. For more information, please visit


WCCC:  Eastern Campus

Wayne County Community College District is one of continuing growth and innovation in providing educational training and leadership for the metropolitan region. Because of the diversity of its service areas, WCCCD places a strong emphasis on occupational and career programs. Both directly and indirectly, students and the 2.3 million people living within the College's service district have enjoyed the benefits of constantly improved instructional programs and community services.  For more information, please visit


Liquor Sponsors

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